Choose from one of our wonderfully awesome soaps below: Activated Charcoal and Tea Tree Oil, Watermelon Loofah or Oatmeal & Honey Epsom Salt.

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Activated Charcoal & Tea Tree Oil Soap Bar

This little gem is a hemp-based soap containing 5% hemp seed oil to add creaminess and moisture to your skin.  Why activated charcoal in a soap?  Well, this charcoal binds to dirt and oil pulling it right out of your pores.  It's fantastic for oily skin -- it absorbs it!  And it won't stain your towels or wash cloths.

The Tea Tree Essential Oil is good for keeping your hair, skin and nails healthy.  Its antibacterial effects may act as a natural deodorant too.

Watermelon Loofah Body Soap

Loofahs have been used as body scrubs for hundreds of years.  They are in fact naturally occurring — they’re a vine in the cucumber family!  The fruit of these tropical and subtropical vines are dried out and the remaining fibrous sponge (also called a vegetable sponge) makes for the perfect exfoliator. Each of our loofah soap bars includes a whole slice of loofah, which we embed into a natural vegetable glycerin soap.

Our loofah soap uses a 100% natural loofah, and glycerin soap to help exfoliate your skin.  Loofahs also improve blood circulation and help keep your skin smooth and firm.

Directions: Rub gently on skin in tub or shower to exfoliate dead skin cells.  Great for elbows and feet!  Our loofah soaps come with a string attached, sort of like a built-in handle, so you can conveniently hang it in your bath or shower or around your wrist.  Remember Soap-on-a- Rope?  Ha!

Oatmeal & Honey Epsom Salt Soap

This honey-scented soap has extra powers when it comes to exfoliation.  Oatmeal is a natural exfoliator, it grabs dead skin cells and other toxins allowing the skin to breathe and receive nourishment.  Because oatmeal contains saponins, themselves a natural cleaning agent, oatmeal is especially suited to absorb dirt and oils.

The type of salt in this bar is Epsom, which is perhaps the most popular of bath salts.  Salt, as we know, is a great exfoliator.  Epsom contains magnesium, an essential mineral.  Magnesium may be taken orally or absorbed through the skin and is beneficial in helping to regulate blood pressure and cholesterol.

Directions: Great in your bath or shower!


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