Loofah Body Soap


Loofahs have been used as body scrubs for hundreds of years.  They are in fact naturally occurring — they’re a vine in the cucumber family!  The fruit of these tropical and subtropical vines are dried out and the remaining fibrous sponge (also called a vegetable sponge) makes for the perfect exfoliator. Each of our loofah soap bars includes a whole slice of loofah, which we embed into a natural vegetable glycerin soap.

Our loofah soap uses a 100% natural loofah, and glycerin soap to help exfoliate your skin.  Loofahs also improve blood circulation and help keep your skin smooth and firm.

Directions: Rub gently on skin in tub or shower to exfoliate dead skin cells.  Great for elbows and feet!  Our loofah soaps come with a string attached, sort of like a built-in handle, so you can conveniently hang it in your bath or shower or around your wrist.  Remember Soap-on-a- Rope?  Ha!

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