Big Heart Naturals Vitamin B12

B12 (cobalamin) is an essential vitamin the body needs but does not itself produce.  There are many reasons why people take vitamin B12. The most common seems to be for an energy boost. People with a low red blood cell count also often find it helpful to supplement with liquid B12, as it helps red blood cell formation.  It is used to help prevent anemia.

B12 is required for proper function and development of the brain, nerves, blood cells and more. It can help depression and it may improve memory and even help to prevent heart disease. B12 is red in color, completely vegan, contains zero sugars yet is naturally sweet in taste. Because it is water soluble, you cannot take too much of it.  The body simply eliminates any excess when you use the bathroom.

Directions: Liquid vitamin B12 is typically taken sublingually as it is advisable to hold a dose - .5ml, or half a dropper - under the tongue to allow the membranes to absorb some before swallowing.  Some people like to create their own 'Energy Drink' with it.  In which case you might want to up the dosage a bit.  

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