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Big Heart Naturals is devoted to the idea that life should be enjoyed to the fullest.  We have gathered here the stuff that makes us feel good, things that bring us joy and serve to elevate our sense of place.  We hope to reach those of like mind who understand that we all deserve good things in life.

>>Be good, do good.

-Big Heart is the next step in our journey.  Ten years ago in early 2010 Helen and Tim started their first company.  A few years later Jim, our general manager, came on board and helped to take us to the next level.  Jim commands our base of operations in Chicagoland.  Helen runs product R&D and some of our manufacturing in Nashville and Tim works from paradise in San Juan del Sur.  All our good stuff is handmade in the USA.

If you need anything, contact one of us: tim, helen or jim @bigheartnaturals.com.

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