Giving kids the tools to become successful and valued members of their community

In addition to personally sponsoring a student, we have wanted to make a larger impact on the community Tim moved to in mid-2017.  San Juan del Sur is a special place in a special, though often misunderstood, country.  Nicaragua, though relatively poor, is safe and beautiful.  Located thirty minutes from the Costa Rican border, San Juan del Sur began transforming itself from a sleepy fishing village into an international community.  This occurred after the nearly ten year Contra war ended in 1990.  Nicaragua's history is fascinating and we encourage anyone interested in other places to look into it.  Stephen Kinzer's Blood of Brothers is a fine place to start.

10% of our little company's profits goes toward sponsoring local kids to attend school.  It is an international English school.  In the video, Juile talks with Tim's neighbor, realtor Joao Mucciolo, and does a good job of explaining what makes San Juan Day School so special.

As we write this it is January, 2020 and the website will launch shortly.  It is nearly exactly ten years since Helen and Tim started their first company.  Together with their general manager, Jim, they have been working hard to lay the foundation to make Big Heart Naturals and Big Heart Labs successful.  It is gratifying to think we may share our success by giving some families the financial wherewithal to change their child's future.  It is not possible to overstate the impact of sending a child to San Juan Day School; because it is not simply that these kids are learning English natively, it is that this school teaches its students to be good stewards to their community, how to place value on things that make this world a better place.

Expect to see updates from us from time to time.  And remember, even though you're buying stuff for yourself, you're doing good for someone else too.  Oh, and if you should find that you have the ability and should you desire to make a sponsorship more directly, contact Tim at


And thanks for your support!




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