Bath Melts

Our Bath Melts are loaded with skin loving ingredients like cocoa butter, shea butter and kaolin clay.  Your skin will feel ultra hydrated and silky soft.

Why these three ingredients?  Cocoa butter is literally a type of fat that comes from cocoa beans, only this type won't cause weight gain!  It contains natural plant compounds called phytochemicals; it is thought by some that these compounds slow aging by protecting against harmful UV rays and may improve blood flow to the skin.  Cocoa butter is commonly used to smooth scars, wrinkles and other marks or blotches.  Some women use cocoa butter during and after pregnancy on their stretch marks.  It has even been used to treat eczema and psoriasis.

Did you know that the Mayans and the Aztecs used cocoa as a currency?!

Shea butter is a fat extracted from the nut of the shea tree.  It does more than moisturize, used topically it delivers anti-inflammatory and anti-aging fatty acids right to the skin.  Shea butter contains triterpenes, which occur naturally; these compounds are thought to deactivate collagen fiber destruction.

Did you know that our cocoa and shea butter is organic and unrefined.  In other words, Grade A!

Kaolin Clay is primarily made of the mineral kaolinite.  Kaolin is beneficial because it is a great cleanser, purifying and detoxifying the pores.  It helps to exfoliate the skin, wiping away dead cells and oils.  It may improve skin elasticity and aid in slowing the signs of aging.



Directions: Place one or two bath oil melts in with your bath.


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